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For over a decade, Ocean View Publishing has been bringing history to life through quality print and digital media. Our current titles focus on American history, film and non-fiction subjects, and we are committed to the highest standards in historical research.

If you have questions regarding our products you can contact us via the e-mail link above, or at the mailing address below.

Manuscript Submissions

Please note that we are currently only seeking prospective manuscripts for publication in the digital e-book formats for distribution via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other on-line e-book sellers. We accept proposals via email (or standard mail) and each must include a sample and outline of your project. Please do not send full manuscripts and do not send more than one project. We do not publish "how to" "computer" or "instructional" titles. We will not return any materials sent to us for consideration. All materials not considered are destroyed and will not be returned.

NOTE: Submissions and project outlines should never exceed 10-pages. Packages that are too large will simply be refused.

Historical Works

We are currently seeking quality non-fiction historical works. Subjects may include reference, biographies, movie and entertainment themed titles. We encourage complex works rich in content and photographs. We are only seeking titles to publish in e-book media formats, however, we offer some of the best royalty rates in publishing.