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Rules and Regulations

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Alcatraz: Inmate Regulations- Continued

29. BATH ROOM RULES: Bathing and laundry exchange are scheduled for mainline bath inmates every Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning. Items of clothing will be exchanged as follows:
1 handkerchief
3 pairs of socks
1 face towel
1 sheet
1 pillow case
1 lt. undershirt
1 shorts or drawers
1 handkerchief
3 pairs of socks
1 face towel
1 B & W pants
1 blue shirt
1 lt. undershirt
1 shorts or drawers

When you go to the bathroom you will display all items of soiled clothing before the inspecting Officer. You will then deposit this clothing in the proper hampers and take your bath. You are expected to bathe in a reasonable length of time. Go to the issue window and draw your clean clothing. Check each item. Minor repairs and replacements will be made immediately, if possible. If this cannot be done, the Clothing Room Officer will take your name and number and place you "on call."
Special issues of' clothing and equipment will not be handled during bathline. Give your name and number to the Clothing Room Officer and he will place you "on call" for these special items.
Do not carry blankets, coats, shoes or other articles to the bath room. Special arrangements are made for collection and laundering of woolen articles and for the repair of shoes.

CULINARY DETAIL BATH LINES: The culinary details will bathe on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, in two groups as designated by the Steward. Each group will go to and from the bathroom in a body. When the first group has finished bathing and returned to the Culinary department or to their cells, the second group will proceed to the bathroom. Exchange items and days will be as follows:

1 Face towel
1 pr shorts
2 pairs of socks
1 lt undershirt
1 white pants
1 white pants
1 handkerchief
1 face towel
1 pr shorts
2 pair socks
1 lt. undershirt
1 white pants
1 white shirt
1 handkerchief
1 sheet
1 pillowcase
1 face towel
1 pr shorts
2 pair socks
1 B & W pants
1 blue shirt
1 heavy undershirt
1 lt. undershirt
1 white pants
1 white shirt
1 handkerchief
On Wednesdays and Fridays, Culinary inmates will draw those other supplies which are issued to the Mainline on Tuesdays & Saturdays.

30. CELLHOUSE RULES. Caps are never worn in the cellhouse. You may smoke in your cell, in the Library or in A-Block, but not elsewhere in the cellhouse. DO NOT SMOKE OR CARRY LIGHTED CIGARETTES OR PIPES ON THE GALLERIES OR FLATS IN THE CELLHOUSE AT ANY TIME. WALK -- DO NOT RUN when moving from one place to another.

Upon entering the cellhouse, remove your cap and walk directly and quietly to your cell. Loud talking, loitering or visiting on the galleries, stairs or aisles is not permitted. Don't enter any other inmate's cell at any time.
When you talk in the cellhouse, talk quietly. Don't create a disturbance. Keep your cell neat and clean and free from trash and contraband. Keep your property neatly arranged on your shelves, as shown in the cell diagram on Page #8 [not included here]. Don't leave things stacked on the bars or on your folding table and seat. Don't paste or tack anything on the walls or shelves in your cell. Keep the floor and the bars of the cell-front free from dust and dirt. The only articles permitted on the cell floor are shoes, slippers, trashbaskets, drawing boards and musical instruments.

Your cell is subject to search at any time. Contraband items found in your cell will be confiscated and a disciplinary report will be placed against you for possession of same.
Any dangerous articles such as money, narcotics, intoxicants, weapons, or tools, found in your cell or on your person, that could be used to inflict injury, destroy property, or aid in escape attempts will result in disciplinary action and possibly U.S. District Court action. The presence of articles of this nature on your person or in your cell will be considered evidence of intent to use them for unlawful purposes. "Extra" razor blades are classed as dangerous weapons.

At the wake-up bell in the morning you must get out of bed and put on your clothes. Make up your bed properly (as shown in the diagram on Page #8) with your pillow at the end near the bars, blankets tucked neatly under the mattress, and extra blankets folded neatly at the foot of the bed. Sweep your cell and place the trash in the trash basket. Don't attempt to flush trash down the toilet. Don't sweep trash or dirt out onto the gallery or off the gallery.
At 9:30 P.M. lights out, retire promptly. All conversations and other noises must cease immediately.
Keep your person, clothing, bedding, cell equipment, toilet articles, personal property, library books, etc., clean and in good order at all times. You must not mark or deface your cell, library books, furniture, equipment or fittings of the institution. Do not throw anything from your cell at any time.

Advise the cellhouse Officer when you need hot water and a mop to clean your cell. You will be required to remain in your cell and clean it whenever it is reported for being dirty.

Loud talking, shouting, whistling, singing or other unnecessary noises are not permitted. You are permitted to hold QUIET conversations and to play games QUIETLY with your adjoining neighbors ONLY.
Do not tamper with the electric outlets or radio fixtures in your cell. If they do not operate properly, notify the Cellhouse Officer.

Your cell light must be turned out when you leave your cell except when you go to meals. LEAVE YOUR CELL LIGHT BURNING WHEN YOU GO TO MEALS.

[cell diagram]
A - 12 Books (Maximum)
B - Personal Papers
C - Paint Box etc.
D - Radio Headphones
E - Ash Tray & Tobacco
F - Extra Soap
G - Mirror
H - Toothpowder
I - Razor & Blades
J - Shaving Brush
K - Shaving Mug
L - Drinking Cup
M - Face Towel
N - Bathrobe
O - Raincoat
P - Calendar
Q - Coat & Cap
R - Soap
S - Sink Stopper
T - Cleaning Powder
U - Toilet Tissue
V - Extra Shoes & Slippers
W- Musical Instrument/Case
X - Broom
Y - Trash Basket
Z - Extra Blankets

N.B. Extra Blanket is to be folded neatly at foot of bed. Pillow at the head of the bed toward the bars. Blankets are to be tucked in under the mattress. Shoes, slippers and musical instruments & cases are to be under the bed with the shoes or slippers under the leading edge of the bed.

No fires are permitted in the cell for any purpose whatsoever. Do not attempt to heat water in your cell.
Cell changes are made only on the approval of the Associate Warden. Submit a written request to the Cellhouse Officer who will forward it to the Associate Warden for consideration.

Each inmate is given a property card on which the cellhouse Officer has listed all his personal property. UNLISTED articles which are found in your cell will be confiscated and considered as contraband. At no time will you change or alter your property card. The cellhouse Officer will list any authorized additions to your card. In addition to the personal property listed on your property card, you are allowed the following articles in your cell:

2 shelves
2 sheets stationary
2 envelopes
1 can cleanser
3 pencils
1 Radio Headset
1 sink stopper
1 75-watt light bulb
4 wall pegs
1 whisk broom
1 lamp shade
1 roll toilet tissue
1 drinking cup
1 ash tray
2 cleaning rags
1 wastebasket
2 Mattresses (Maximum)
2 sheets
2 pillows
1 to 4 blankets
2 pillow cases (if 2 pillows]
1 shaving cup
2 razor blades
1 safety razor
1 cake soap
1 comb
1 shaving brush
1 pair nail clippers
1 mirror
1 can toothpowder
1 face towel
1 toothbrush
1 cake shaving soap
You will keep your property card listing your personal property, above your cell door behind the locking mechanism.

31. CLASSIFICATION, PAROLE, EDUCATION AND SOCIAL MATTERS: At this institution, these functions center in the Parole Office and you are free to request an interview with the Parole Officer when problems arise concerning these matters.

CLASSIFICATION: You will be reclassified each year shortly before or during the month of your parole eligibility date (except military prisoners who are reclassified just prior to their military annual review dates) and you will be given an opportunity to appear at the Classification Committee meeting to present any problems you may wish to discuss with the Committee.

PAROLE: A few months before your Parole Eligibility Date, you may file an application for a parole hearing. If you do not choose to file at that time, you may sign a waiver. This waiver will not interfere with your right to file for a hearing at a later date.

EDUCATION: Although there are no school classes at this institution, limited facilities are provided for cell study of books available from the library or from correspondence schools. Library rules are listed in Section #45.

SOCIAL MATTERS: If you have social problems outside the institution, such as correspondence problems, you are free to request an interview with the Parole Officer. The Parole Officer will also help you with the development of your release plans.

32. CLOTHING: The standard inmate uniform for all normal activities inside the cellhouse consists of: blue chambray shirt, Blue & White (B&W) trousers, web waist belt and issue shoes. This uniform is worn at visits, interviews, meals, movies, etc. Your shirt will be buttoned except for the top collar button. The sleeves will be rolled down and buttoned. Your belt will be worn with your register number in plain view, at the center of your back.
You are required to wear this standard uniform to and from outside work or the Recreation Yard, but you may add to it your cap, jacket, coat or raincoat. You may wear tennis shoes to the Recreation Yard only.
You will wear your robe and slippers or shoes when going to and from bath.
You are not allowed to change or alter any of your issue clothing. Keep your clothing neat, clean and in good repair at all times.

Special work clothing is issued for work details. This special clothing will be kept at the place of work and will not be brought to the Yard or cellhouse.
Culinary inmates wear a special work uniform consisting of white cap, white shirt and white pants. This uniform is issued for work only but is worn between the cell and Culinary Unit. Culinary workers are cautioned to be wearing their complete uniform with all buttons except the top collar button fastened before leaving their cells to go to work.

1 B & W Pants
1 Cap
1 wool coat
1 Blue shirt
1 belt
1 pr shorts
1 bathrobe
3 pairs socks
2 handkerchief
1 Rain coat
2 pairs shoes
1 wool undershirt (on request)
1 pair slippers
1 lt undershirt
Culinary workers: 1 white shirt: 1 white cap: 1 white pants.
Barbers: 1 white shirt.
Office Orderlies: 1 white shirt.
Passmen: 1 white shirt: 1 white pants.
Hosp. Orderlies: 1 white shirt: 1 white pants.
When they are available, heavy undershirts may be issued upon request to the Clothing Room Officer. They are issued on the call-out list after the Saturday bath. Heavy undershirts are worn for a full week and are not exchanged on Tuesday bath line.

Clothing issue, replacement and repair are scheduled during Saturday bathline. Inspect your issue clothing when you receive it. Make certain that you have your own clothing and that all of it is in the lot. Report immediately any discrepancies to the Clothing Room Officer and tell him of your needs for replacement or repairs. If the service cannot be provided immediately, you will be recalled after the bathline for attention.

If you damage your clothing accidentally during the week, notify the Cellhouse Officer and you may be permitted to go to the Clothing Room for repairs or an emergency issue.