Where the voices of Alcatraz come to life...

The Alcatraz Mobile Guide

Did you know that there have been 14 documented escape attempts in Alcatraz's history? Guidekick has created the ultimate personal tour guide that shows you where and how Alcatraz's most significant events took place with beautiful images, video, and even firsthand witness accounts. You can even use it before visiting to figure out what you want to see, or use it afterwards to relive your experience. There’s no groups, no time restrictions, and no stress. Best of all, it’s free to try. Download Guidekick using this link or by tapping / clicking on the image below:

Link to Guidekick on the App Store


  • The full 3D interactive Alcatraz Island map
  • 3 Points of Interest with full content for each
  • GPS location tracking to show where you are on the island
  • Notifications of nearby Points of Interest if you’re on-site
  • Ability to see where bathrooms and other important points are located
  • Access to other guides including the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, and the Sutro Baths & Cliff House

Paid ($2.99)

  • All content and Points of Interest will be unlocked for the Alcatraz Island guide
  • Ability to store the entire guide on your device and use it offline without a connection
  • For $5.99, all San Francisco guides will be unlocked (including future guides for the Ferry Building and Union Square)